A Mindful Approach to Technology

Managed IT Services go beyond basic support to provide companies with IT stability, security, and efficiency.

Outsourced IT support service

You need technical know-how to make the most of your investment in IT and take advantage of what new technology can offer. But with a huge skills shortage, getting that expertise in-house is difficult and, if you find the right team, expensive.

With our managed IT services, we become your outsourced IT team:

  • Monitoring and managing your systems in the background
  • Supporting your IT needs day to day
  • Proposing new ways to improve productivity, save money and increase your agility
  • As your business grows, we’ll scale your IT right alongside it

Sophisticated IT made simple

From mobility to collaboration, you want to take advantage of new technology. But don’t want the hassle or expense of running it.

On your premises or in the cloud, we take full control of your IT and share the benefit of our expertise whenever you need it.

On-demand expertise

IT expertise is incredibly valuable to your business. But that means it usually comes at a great expense – and is only used infrequently.

Managing your IT, we’re available whenever you need help, guidance or impartial advice – whether it’s technical or strategic.

A proactive partner

Getting the best from your IT means uncovering for new opportunities to improve your efficiency, flexibility, and productivity.

With proactive monitoring and a deep understanding of your business, we’ll proactively resolve issues and recommend improvements.

Expert IT service that scales with your business

What makes Connecticut IT Solutions unique is our depth and breadth of expertise. Our entire team is made up of friendly people that know IT inside-out – but don’t slow things down with jargon or confusing terminology.

When you need to find a new solution to your IT problems, we’re on hand to talk it over and provide recommendations. When you run into an issue, we’re here to fix it. When you need to scale up, we have the manpower to match.

And when you don’t think you need us at all, we’re working quietly in the background to keep your IT online and running at peak performance. All backed by a detailed Service Level Agreement that guarantees quality and speed of service.

Leave running your IT to the experts. Talk to our team about managed IT services now.


One of our expert advisors will be more than happy to answer any questions


We monitor your systems and security 24/7. We proactively remediate or alert you when problems arise.


Enjoy the benefit of unlimited priority support from our team of experts. Focus on solutions rather than accounting.


We manage and maintain your entire network including workstations, servers, wifi, internet connection, and more.


We offer simple, flat-rate billing to further simplify management of your IT. Forecast your 12 month roadmap and budget.


We build a custom IT roadmap for your business, then meet with you on a regular basis ensure your systems are up to date and secure.


We document your entire IT inventory, allowing us to quickly remediate issues and to help you manage your technology.

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