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Transform your phone system into a cost-cutting, sales-driving machine.

For all the talk about our omnichannel future, the humble phone call is here to stay. From sales to delivering a personal level of service, sometimes nothing less than a conversation will do. But while phones are nothing new, it’s time for them to join the digital world.

Connecticut IT Solutions’ VoIP service is the digital future of telephony – a technology that’s now mature, stable and affordable enough for every business to take advantage of. VoIP gives you the crystal-clear, lag-free calling you’d expect from traditional telephony. But with the advantage of reliability, scalability and a price-point that analog lines can’t match.

VoIP for Unmatched reliability

VoIP is reliable by design – but it takes specialist know-how to keep you up-and-running. As a multi-disciplined team, we provide and monitor the underlying infrastructure you need to stay connected and available at all times.

Effortless scalability

No need to arrange new lines or engineer visits. VoIP can scale up on-demand to match your requirements, and at Connecticut IT Solutions, we make it easy. Planning a big sales campaign? We’ll make sure your agents are ready with lines and handsets.

Lasting support

VoIP is enabling the future of telephony. But getting there takes a forward-thinking team on your side. We’re always looking at what’s next in telephony and bringing big new ideas to our customers. So can reap the benefits without the research.

A simple, seamless transition from traditional lines to VoIP

At Connecticut IT Solutions, we don’t believe in confusing jargon – even VoIP was a bit of a stretch. So, when you partner with us, we won’t talk in terms of SIP and mobile routing. We’ll just look at what you have, what you need today, and what you might need tomorrow.

Taking the lead on your project, we’ll guide you through the best design for your site, presenting a practical case for how you can save money and get away from the commitment and capital expense of analog lines.

Then, we’ll help you get started with the features you need the most, whether that’s straightforward outbound calling or new tools like follow-me, conference calling and re-routing calls.

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